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Breaking the Sugar Habit

Sugar is a sneaky little devil! It hides in plain sight in almost everything we consume nowadays. It disguises itself with many different names to trick us into believing it’s not in what we are consuming, and even sometimes makes itself sound seductively healthy with labels such as “organic cane sugar” and “brown rice sugar,” but the fact of the matter is IT IS STILL SUGAR! Food companies are putting sugar in everything because of its addictive nature; the more sugar they put in their products, the more we buy it! It’s a great plan for THEM because it makes them richer, but ultimately makes us less healthy.

I have seen first hand the damage sugar can cause to the human body through watching my father battle Type 2 Diabetes from the time I was born until he died in January 2000. Too much sugar in the body literally causes the body to rot from the inside out. The body tries to respond by increasing insulin production to naturally bring our blood sugar down, but the more sugar we consume the less impactful this process becomes. Doctors will prescribe more insulin to patients diagnosed with diabetes; however, this only masks the problem. The insulin doesn’t actually get rid of the sugar in our bodies, it just makes it look like we have less than we do by bringing our blood glucose levels down. The longer sugar sits in our bodies, the more damage it causes. So after years of treating his diabetes with insulin, my father had one of his legs amputated, experienced kidney failure and was on twice daily at home dialysis treatments, and eventually loss his life after getting a serious infection in his big toe and losing circulation to that foot. At that time I had no clue that all of the pain and suffering my father went through literally could have been avoided through making dietary and lifestyle changes. How I wish I could have helped him by letting him know that sugar was his biggest enemy!

Since Daddy is gone and there isn’t a thing I can do about that, I want to raise your awareness of this highly addictive and deadly substance. We don’t think of it as deadly because no one immediately dies after consuming sugar, but it’s literally like suicide on layaway. We have to be vigilant about what we are putting into our bodies, understanding the impacts, and taking corrective actions when necessary. I know sugar is seductive, and I can feel the resistance you are having to letting it go…that’s because these food companies have done a damn good job at getting us addicted and hiding the truth about how sugar is destroying our health.

Today I invite you to open your eyes, and break your sugar addiction by eliminating sugar from your diet. I know it won’t be easy, and it may even scare you a little; but, we can do it! Unfortunately our culture includes sugar in just about every celebration, gathering, etc. and most people think you’re weird if you don’t indulge, but don’t let the peer pressure cut your life short - it ain’t worth it! And telling yourself you can have a little bit of sugar is like a crackhead saying they can have a little crack! It doesn’t work!

Start by becoming a sugar detective. Research all the fancy names sugar is disguised as (use your trusty friend Google), and then begin reading the ingredients list on all the food labels in your kitchen cabinets and pantry to see where sugar is hiding. You will be surprised!

Let’s be intentional and focused about living healthier, longer lives by simply breaking the sugar habit. If you need help, connect with me.

Cheers to long life!

With Love,


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