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Consider the Cost - what will your new habits cost you? 🤔

Every decision we make has a cost. When we choose to focus on our health and fitness, it means we have to prioritize that focus above other things in our life. So before we commit to something, it would be best to break that thing down and understand what it will REALLY require from us to be successful.

When I decided to be a “Gym Rat” I had to consider the fact that my gym is over 30 minutes away from my home. To get there I would have to sacrifice gas, mileage on my vehicle, and my time. I also had to consider that my version of a Gym Rat is in the gym every single day whether it is an active recovery day or not. I chose this identity because of the outcome that I am after, but as you can see it definitely comes with a price of sacrifice (not to mention the actual monetary cost of membership and personal training).

Of course my new identity has many facets (Nutrition Expert and Early Riser requires additional commitments), but because I considered the cost BEFORE committing I was not going into the process blind and feeling overwhelmed. I also did not start by having multiple identity shifts to make…I started with one change at a time. Once I built my Gym Rat habit over time, then I added the Nutrition Expert. Once I got my nutrition down, then I added Early Riser so I can get up early and have time to myself before starting my day.

What does your new identity require? What will your days look like as a result? I challenge you to visualize it, write it down, and schedule out your priorities on your calendar. After all, what is not in the calendar does NOT get done!

Cheers to our continued pursuit of better health and fitness!

With Love,


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