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Giving up is NOT an option!

I set a VERY specific goal for my last round of boot camp. Actually, I've been trying to reach this specific goal since December 2018 without success.

For whatever reasons, hitting this target of weighing in the 150s has not been achievable for me no matter what I try. Amazingly, I'm very much okay with this. Understandably, this could be very frustrating especially if I only measured my success by the scale. Thankfully I know there are MULTIPLE ways to measure success, and I have learned to be content with my progress...even when it is seemingly stalled! When we don't see the results we want, it is easy to fall into being a victim and giving up altogether. But giving up is definitely NOT the answer! You will never reach your goal if you keep giving up!


Here are some things you can do to help you refocus when the scale is not moving in your favor, or you're just simply ready to quit:

  1. Remember why you started! What was the reason that got you committed in the first place? Revisit that so you can become reenergized with new focus and intent.

  2. Look at your progress! Take your gaze off of the scale, and take inventory of every morsel of growth you have seen. Even if the scale hasn't moved much in months, you are still making progress just by sticking with it. You are forming better habits if nothing else. Chart your growth from the beginning of your journey to photos, write out all the ways you have changed for the better, consider growth in your mindset, energy, and focus as well. You are much better today than you were at Day 0!

  3. Commit to doing the work NO MATTER WHAT! Remember that there is no finish line in this journey. You never completely reach an end point, so be content in knowing that every day you show up you are making progress - be it great or small. Keep doing the things you know to do in spite of your feelings, and eventually this too shall pass! Show up, and LEVEL UP!

You are worth the effort! Stay the course, and keep pressing on. You got this!

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