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The Easiest Stress Reliever

In today’s world we have so many factors impacting our stress levels, and stress does so much damage to our bodies. The hormone released by our bodies when we are in stress mode is Cortisol, and this hormone signals to our body to hold on to fat! So the more stressed we become, the more damage we do to our bodies, and the more fat we store; but there is one easy way to combat stress, and that is with oxygen…that’s right, just BREATHE!

I’m not speaking of that shallow breathing that you do automatically throughout the day. In fact, that shallow breathing is what signals to the body that you are in stress mode. Instead, what I am referring to is the DEEP breathing that you do from your diaphragm. The breathing that fills your belly with oxygen, and feels so good as you sigh it out to release it! Have you ever noticed that you sometimes do this automatically without thinking of it? Out of nowhere you just release a big SIGH…that’s because your body is so smart that it knows you need that stress reliever in that moment.

As part of my morning routine, I like to focus on breath work either through breathing in a rhythm to some music, or in meditation. This instantly elevates my mood, and helps me to begin my day in a relaxed manner. There are so many resources available to help with breath work (apps, guided meditations, yoga, etc.) if you feel the need to be guided, but really and truly all it takes is REMEMBERING to intentionally take deep sips of oxygen throughout the day.

So today I encourage you to stress less through deep breathing. What visual aids could you use to help you remember to take some deep breaths? How could you stack this new habit with something that you already do? Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Happy breathing!

With Love,


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