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When frustrated, do this!

As with any journey in life, the journey to a healthier slimmer you is filled with ups and downs, strides forward, and backward steps. The key is to learn to embrace the journey and enjoy every aspect of it.

Recently I have been experiencing frustration due to a medical issue causing me to rely on prescription diuretics. Initially I was frustrated that the medicine made my hair begin to shed profusely. So being the rebel that I am, I took myself off of my prescription meds (without guidance from my doctor) and tried natural remedies for water retention.

I first began having issues with water retention after giving birth to my daughter almost 17 years ago, and then again after having my youngest son 11 years ago. This has been an ongoing battle since 2008, but I always associated it with high blood pressure. Thanks to my new #keto and #intermittentfasting lifestyle, I no longer struggle with hypertension. So, during my experiment of taking myself off of the medication, my blood pressure was awesome, BUT I began packing on 2-3+ pounds of water weight DAILY.

Seeing my body retain so much fluid scared me. I wasn't concerned about the weight because I knew that it would come right back off easily once the fluid was under control. But what did concern me is the reason behind WHY my body retains so much fluid! None of my doctors have ever been concerned with getting to the root cause; instead, they prescribe a pill and send me on my way. After retaining almost 12 pounds of water in a matter of a few days, I felt defeated and went back to my prescription meds.

Eventually I spoke with the nurse from my doctor's office, and they called in a different prescription for me. I began taking it and it seemed to help for the first two days; but to my dismay, on the third day I began packing on the water weight again, my ankles were swollen, I experienced some shortness of breath, and my diastolic blood pressure reading began to elevate. The number on the scale began to play on my mental, and I knew I had to dig myself out of this pit ASAP!


Learning to coach myself through difficult times has become a CRITICAL practice for me.

It’s how I talk myself off of the ledge, and remember my purpose of being a HELPER who serves others. It’s how I learn to embrace the journey, and accept it for what it is instead of holding myself to some unrealistic ideal of perfection. It’s how I keep pushing forward and making progress in spite of all the setbacks.


Here are five practical steps that I take that may be beneficial to you in your journey:

1. Confess what’s true! I begin with faith confessions daily in the shower to remind me of who God says I am. My confessions don’t always FEEL true, but that’s because they are based on faith (the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not yet seen). I included a list of my daily faith confessions in my book, “Victorious” which is available on Amazon (

2. Reminisce a little bit! I look at old pictures and compare them to where I am today to remind myself of how far I have come despite my current circumstance. Doing this gives truth and perspective to the fact that things are not as bad as they may seem.

3. Shift focus! Instead of focusing on how sad I feel about what’s going on with me, I shift my focus to my desired outcome. My desire is to be completely healthy and whole from the inside out. With that intention in mind, I write out steps to move me toward my goal and begin taking ACTION!

4. Speak your truth! Being open and transparent about what I have going on is a tremendous help to me. Instead of being afraid of judgment and criticism, I embrace the possibility of helping someone else who may be experiencing similar circumstances and I SHARE what I’m going through, as well as the steps I’m taking to get better. This is my way of “trusting God, and doing good” as Joyce Meyer often teaches.

5. Feed your brain and your spirit! If there is ever a time for me to invest in my spiritual and personal development, difficult times are definitely when I invest the most. Joyce Meyer has helped me through a crazy insane amount of difficult times. I listen to her show via my podcast app during my commute to work. I play my “Worship” playlist while getting dressed or driving to shift my posture to one of praise. I research methods for overcoming what I am experiencing, and fall asleep listening to those I consider “subject matter experts” on the topic via YouTube. And finally, I soak up as much self-help content as I can throughout the day via audio books I download on Audible (20 minutes per day of personal development is a great starting point!).

The next time you find yourself in a pit, I hope that you can remember this message and implement some of the steps shared here to coach yourself through. Keep fighting!

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